CRM Power Pane – Review

One of my favourite tools in my CRM Administrator Toolkit (*not an actual thing) is the Dynamics CRM Power Pane extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The Power Pane add-on has been developed to help developers, testers and power users to accomplish tasks that they may require in their day-to-day role.  Installation of the... Continue Reading →

Add Team Members to another Team

I've been working on a problem that's been plaguing me for months and now, thanks to Microsoft Business Solutions MVP Aiden Kaskela and his Workflow Elements solution, I've finally managed to get it sorted. The Problem I wanted to be able to conditionally add members of one Team to another with a workflow, without hard... Continue Reading →

Customisation Tips – Entities

Following on from my last post I wanted to share some of the tips I've picked up along the way related to developing new entities in Dynamics CRM/365. The first major step in any development is the creation of a new system entity, and there are plenty of opportunities for missteps here. Per my last post,... Continue Reading →

Advanced Multiselect for Dynamics – Review

Following on from my last post about Multi Select Checkboxes, I have been continuing research to try and find a suitable solution for adding multiselect options to my CRM 2016 environment.  I really like the checkbox tiles, but the downside to them is the need to create fields, update forms and update web resource parameters... Continue Reading →

Clone a Record with a Notification Message

Trying to find the right words for a title to convey succinctly what I am trying to say is not my strong suit... Within my organisation we occasionally have the need to create repeating records on an annual (or more frequent) basis, e.g. SWOT Analysis, Anti-Money Laundering checks, etc.  In order to preserve the original... Continue Reading →

Multi Select Checkboxes

For as long as I have been using Dynamics CRM, users have been asking for Multi-select checkboxes.  I know that they are now available in Dynamics 365 but for those of us on the earlier versions, they are still frustratingly difficult to achieve. The best solution I have found for this problem, to date, has... Continue Reading →

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