Update a User’s Business Unit and retain their Security Roles

If you have ever had to change the Business Unit of a User then you will know that the change causes their security roles to be dropped, so you need to ensure the security roles are reassigned. This is mildly frustrating when you have one or two Users to update, but what happens when you … Continue reading Update a User’s Business Unit and retain their Security Roles

Postcode Region Mapping via Workflow

I recently delivered a session at Dynamics 365 Saturday Scotland covering some advanced functionality you can implement in your Dynamics 365 environment using free custom workflow activities. To read my thoughts on #D365SatSco and how amazing it was, see the article I posted on LinkedIn One of the scenarios I covered in my session was … Continue reading Postcode Region Mapping via Workflow

Custom Rollup fields

Microsoft introduced Rollup Fields to the Dynamics CRM platform in 2015, and this added significant positive functionality to the platform. Rollup fields contain aggregated values that have been calculated from child records for a parent record. Typical examples of this would be total value of Open Opportunities for an Account, or the total number of … Continue reading Custom Rollup fields

CRM Development – As easy as making a cup of tea?

Last weekend I attended the Dynamics 365 Saturday Summer Bootcamp in London; this was a great event full of opportunities to network, engage and learn, and I am very grateful to the organisers for putting on the event.  Whilst at the event I was speaking to someone who told me that he was currently working … Continue reading CRM Development – As easy as making a cup of tea?

Designing CRM Forms for User Experience

Introduction In order to ensure User Adoption of CRM is successful and that the system is delivering results for Users, it is important to ensure that their experience of using the system is as painless as possible. In practice, this means removing unnecessary obstacles to enable them to find the information they need, when they … Continue reading Designing CRM Forms for User Experience